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This book provides an in-depth deliberation upon the now unsettled relationship between religion and politics in contemporary Britain
"Heavenly Bites" is the first multinational Muslim cookbook that features the best of Muslim cooking to be found from Morocco to Bangladesh, served up by Karimah Bint Dawood.
Made up of 40 short reflections. Each reflection is very personal and focuses on an experience in the author's life, yet each one is designed to leave the reader with a lesson that will lead to personal and spiritual growth.
When Ali first meets Amirah, he notices everything about her - her hijab, her long eyelashes and her red trainers - in the time it takes to have one look, before lowering his gaze.
"It is rare to see a publication which includes personalities from both Shia and Sunni schools of thought and which is so much needed in today's turbulent world.