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A People's History of England

01/01/1985, £18.00
This work lays out the main outlines and most important turning points of British history - from the point of view of ordinary people. The book has remained in print for more than 50 years.

Champions of Equality

11/11/2017, £20.00
There is a big hole in the history of the LGBT movement in Britain. Each step towards equality for LGBT people, every positive move in public opinion, was the result of campaigning.

Our Flag Stays Red

25/07/2006, £13.00
Our Flag Stays Red is a unique account of communist and anti-fascist activity in London's East End in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Corbyn Effect

08/09/2017, £15.00
"Jeremy Corbyn has re-packaged socialism into something progressive and essential, something that isn't archaic as we've been told it is for so long. Striving for justice and fairness isn't a sign of our weakness but the sign of our great strength.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

01/01/1987, £18.00
A year in the life of a group of painters and decorators in the town of Mugsborough at the turn of the century. Haunted by fears of unemployment, the men struggle to keep their jobs at any cost, but some of them begin to realize that their poverty is

Trico: A Victory to Remember:

01/07/2018, £25.00
This is the story of the historic 21 week equal pay strike at Trico-Folberth in Brentford, West London, in 1976. TRICO - A Victory to Remember is indispensable to understanding how the 1970s marked a turning point in women's right.
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