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Funny, isn't it, how everyone around us is getting greyer, while we never seem to change one bit? At least, we never feel as if we change, even though the years march on and the birthdays pile up! What really matters, says Pam Rhodes, is that we are
Designed for those living through the shock and devastation of the death of someone they love, this volume shares experiences of grief, and seeks to offer comfort and strength. It presents an understanding of the grief process through the wide variet
Recalling his own brush with death through kidney failure, the author sets out to investigate death and dying. Building on insights from public mourning and the spirituality of children, he concludes that while death is not logically understandable,
'My purpose and effort in writing this 'holy history' was always to persuade the reader to feel - to experience, in fact and in spirit - this, the greatest of stories.' - Walter Wangerin This innovative, dramatic and highly readable retelling of the
Sue Atkinson has for many years battled with depression and the lack of self esteem that is at its heart. Poor self esteem affects many people in many ways, contributing to failed relationships and lack of fulfilment as well as depression and other p
Marion Stroud draws on personal experience and the experience of many others in this very practical and approachable book. She takes the reader through the tests, diagnoses and treatments, explains the medical hierarchy and looks at the various optio
As always, Steve Turner's poems present a fresh and quirky view on life. Many of the poems in this collection are about childhood: school and holidays, dreams and monsters, food, friends...Witty cartoons reflect the mood of the poems.
This text offers help to those experiencing the emotional suffering which follows separation and divorce. Written by a marriage counsellor, it includes a number of illustrative case histories.