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'I find that old age has been a fulfilment of everything that has gone before...' With these words, Professor Clifford, himself an octogenarian who has had to come to terms with the problems of infirmity and the prospect of death, sets out the groun
There is often value in looking to the past as well as to the future; in the writings of medieval religious thinkers we find, whatever their tradition, certain timeless truths. This beautifully illustrated book draws out key themes from Hildegard of
An attractive gift book which brings together inspirational quotations from a wide range of sources with beautiful photographic images taken from nature. The book is ideal as a gift for all those who are experiencing difficult times - whether from ph
A thoughtful and wide-ranging collection of prose extracts and poetry from contemporary and traditional literature on the theme of encountering life's changes and challenges and the opportunities this provides for thinking about things of ultimate va
This text uses edited features to tell Merton's life in his own words from 1939 to his death in 1968. His love of God, his struggles with the community life of his monastery and in particular with his Abbot, his religious writings and his love affai
This comprehensive anthology brings together the best literary writing from the Bible onwards. Authors include Dante, Chaucer, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, C.S. Lewis, A.A. Milne, Sebastian Faulks and Penelope Lively. Reading a good book is for most pe
This title is one of a series of minibooks, and contains an explanaition of the stages of grief and suggests practical steps for learning to live again after the loss of a loved one, using Christian allegories to present words of comfort.
A short, illustrated book perfect for anyone who is struggling with depression. It begins with an introduction making general points about depression and offering pointers as to ways through it. The author writes from her own experience of depression