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Let Me Take You by the Hand: True Tales

03/06/2021, £16.99
Let Me Take You By The Hand is an x-ray of life on the streets today: the stories in their own words of those who work and live in our capital. On the s

Liccle Bit

05/03/2015, £7.99
What's worse than hiding a secret? Liccle Bit's about to find out...Venetia King is the hottest girl at school. Too bad Lemar is the second shortest guy in his year.

Long Walk To Freedom

12/10/1995, £14.99
The riveting memoirs of the outstanding moral and political leader of our time, A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM brilliantly re-creates the drama of the experiences that helped shape Nelson Mandela's destiny. Emotive, compelling and uplifting,...

Mandela: The Graphic Novel

03/08/2017, £14.99
This is the exciting, true story of a young herd-boy who grew up to become a lawyer, a figher for justice, South Africa's first democratically elected president and the beloved grandfather of a nation.

Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American

01/10/2015, £9.99
Young Martin Dressler begins his career as an industrious helper in his father's cigar store. In the course of his restless young manhood, he makes a swift and eventful rise to the top, accompanied by two sisters.

Messy: How to be Creative and Resilient

27/10/2016, £20.00
The urge to tidiness seems to be rooted deep in the human psyche.


05/05/2011, £14.99
Life can be relentless, frantic and exhausting - but it doesn't have to be this way.

Mindfulness for Women

04/02/2016, £13.99
No matter who we are, or what stage of life we are at, we all long for similar things; to be happy, connected with others, in touch with a sense of calm and peace, vital, alive and joyful.
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