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Whether you have two mums, two dads, one parent, or one of each, there's one thing that makes a family a family... and that's LOVE.
A fun, rhyming, first introduction to SHAPES with Nibbles' book-munching twist. Babies and toddlers will love peeping through die-cuts and lifting flaps as they follow Nibbles on his exciting, shape-filled journey.
This jolly rhyming book shares the comforting message that we are ALL worthy and deserving of love, no matter what our circumstances or family set-up.
Telescopes and clocks and trains- all big ideas from human brains! From bridges and boats to medicines and mobile phones, this book takes readers on a journey of discovery through all the amazing inventions human beings have come up with. Lear
Outside is a place that nobody thinks much about. It's somewhere to go for a walk in the park or a trip to the duck pond or to get from one place to another. Inside is much more important. Until suddenly, no one is allowed to go outside and everythin
VISIONARY HONOURS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 Celebrate the fifth anniversary of PROUD in this dazzling new edition of the anthology, featuring a brand-new story and artwork.
A book on sustainable living, inspired by The Sustainable Development Goals (formulated by the United Nations). Small Steps, Big Change is a one-stop-shop for small, everyday goals kids can aim for to engender positive change in our world. Packe
Learn all about the festivals and folktales which shape cultures around the world in this beautifully illustrated book. Find out where lost loved ones are remembered with paper lanterns and which culture tells the story of Rama and Sita.