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In this informative book, Annie Miller does not only explore the idea of basic income: she exhaustively explains what it is and what it would mean to implement, using extensive economic data.
This innovative book provides a new perspective on Basic Income - a regular, unconditional payment to every citizen resident in the country.
From Greenham Common to Extinction Rebellion, Activism for Life takes us on a whistlestop tour of the last 45 years of nonviolent direct action in the UK and abroad, all through the eyes of one determined woman.
Love and Revolution: a poetic journey through political ideals, love, loss, and life in the Western Isles. From the best-selling author of Soil and Soul comes this much-awaited first collection of poetry.
The world has had a long-standing reliance on nuclear weapons and the UK is no exception to this reliance having in its disposal the Trident Programme, which is the development, procurement and operation of current British nuclear weapons. The world