My Jewish Soul - a personal exploration

Author: Anthony Gimpel
In this essay, the author, who is a Quaker. describes his inheritance from the Holocaust to discover his Jewish identity and spirituality.
ISBN: 9781873372432
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Product description
Simply told, absorbing on every page, this is a moving and spiritually arresting account of the search for authentic selfhood that belongs to everyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. At the age of 12 Anthony discovered by a chance remark that he was Jewish. The shock led to a long process of recovering an identity that Adolf Hitler had done his very best to eradicate. He describes his adventures to uncover the pain of family secrets which led him to create out of this inheritance an authentic future with meaning and purpose. The journey is absorbed in the tracing of ancestral Holocaust history, psychotherapy, a thirst for peace and justice in the world and a genuine spiritual enquiry, all intertwined with an energetic sense of self-reflexive determination.
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