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The Immigrant Cookbook: Recipes that Make the World Great

14/06/2018, £20.00
In these times of troubling anti-immigrant rhetoric, this cookbook offers a culinary celebration of the many ethnic groups that contribute to a vibrant food culture. Here, 75 chefs each offer a favourite recipe that speaks of where they come from.

The State of the World Atlas

10/01/2013, £14.99
This unique book, a milestone of graphic reporting, has become a trade reference classic since its first publication in the 1970s.

The Ulitimate Guide to Green Parenting

01/09/2015, £12.99
This book breaks down the science behind baby and child parenting to inform and empower readers to adjust their lifestyles in practical ways that will reduce the impact their family has on the environment, without being judgemental or dogmatic.
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