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Her Story: 50 Women and Girls

01/03/2018, £16.99
Instead of just studying history, let's think about HerStory too! In this uplifting and inspiring book, children can learn about 50 intrepid women from around the world and throughout history.

Make More Noise!: New stories in honour of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage

01/02/2018, £7.99
An incredible collection of brand new short stories, from ten of the UK's very best storytellers, celebrating inspirational girls and women, being published tocommemorate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the UK.

Press Out and Colour: Christmas Decorations

27/09/2017, £9.99
Have a creative, colourful Christmas! This beautifully patterned collection of ornaments is perfect for decorating your Christmas tree.


06/10/2016, £7.99
The Christmas story and what follows: the fleeing of Jesus, Mary and Joseph from Herod's soldiers to Egypt.

Superhero Mum

01/02/2018, £6.99
All mums are brilliant and the mum in this story is no exception.

Velveteen Rabbit

01/09/2016, £14.99
When the Velveteen Rabbit first arrives in the nursery, he's snubbed by the other toys. But the Rabbit soon makes friends with the Skin Horse who explains how toys can become 'real',if only they are loved enough.

Where's Mrs Zebra?

01/03/2018, £6.99
Five beautifully illustrated spreads show a series of friendly safari animals hiding behind bright felt flaps. And there's a mirror on the final page!
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