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A Christmas Story with Nativity Set

03/10/2013, £11.99
'Once, a long time ago, in a town called Nazareth, a little donkey was born.' As the wonderful events of the Nativity unfold, Brian Wildsmith tells of the journey of a little girl and a donkey to Bethlehem. Christmas s

A Dot in the Snow

06/10/2016, £11.99
A little polar bear, Miki, wanders away while his mother is diving for fish. He sees a dot in the snow and rushes towards it. Readers discover that the dot is a little girl. But Miki has never seen a human before and the little girl has never seen a

Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction

Antisemitism, as hatred of Jews and Judaism, has been a central problem of Western civilization for millennia, and its history continues to invite debate.

Bible: The Story of the King James Version

28/10/2010, £16.99
This is a history of the King James Version of the Bible (known in Britain as the Authorised Version) over the four hundred years from its remote beginnings to the present day.

Blood Oil

22/06/2017, £16.99
Natural resources like oil and minerals are the largest source of unaccountable power in the world.

Brian Wildsmith's Animal Gallery

01/02/2010, £7.99
This beautiful book will delight young animal lovers. Through evocative paintings, children are brought face to face with wildlife from around the world.

Catholicism: A Very Short Introduction

06/07/2017, £7.99
Despite a long history of external threats and internal strife, the Roman Catholic Church remains a vast and influential presence in our modern world.

Climate Change

23/10/2014, £7.99
Climate change is still, arguably, the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century. Previously published as Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction.
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