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This unique treasury of prayers draws on a wide variety of sources, from the indigenous traditions to the classics of the world faiths.
The subject of race, and exactly what this means, has become more important since 9-11 than ever before. Alana Lentin traces its development through political history right up to modern debates about ethnicity and xenophobia, and considers the implic
This unique edition of D.H. Lawrence's "Selected Letters" includes correspondence spanning his whole adult life from early letters as a sixteen year old through to his final years in France. The language remains effusive and dynamic throughout as he
This is the extraordinary story of the polymath Thomas Young, who cared less about what others thought of him than for the unbridled pursuit of knowledge.
This is an unconventional biography of an unconventional woman who did not care for children, but dedicated her life to establishing Save the Children and promoting her revolutionary concept of children's human rights. In this award-winning biography