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Dread Poetry and Freedom: Linton Kwesi J

20/10/2018, £17.99
What is the relationship between poetry and social change? Standing at the forefront of political poetry since the 1970s, Linton Kwesi Johnson has been fighting neo-fascism, police violence and promoting socialism while putting pen to paper to ref

England's Discontents: Political Culture and National Identities

20/10/2018, £19.99
England's Discontents unpacks the genealogy of British identities over the last two hundred years as they have been shaped by the main political cultures and their interactions with cultural politics. Conservatism, social liberalism, economic libe

Fateful Triangle

06/09/2016, £16.99
With an extended new preface by the author. 'One of the most important intellectuals alive' Independent

From Pacification to Peacebuilding

04/03/2010, £9.00
Does conflict transformation work? Diana Francis reviews developments in the field over the past twenty years.

Generation Palestine

20/03/2013, £15.99
The unique model of apartheid, colonisation and military occupation that Israel imposes on the Palestinians, along with myriad violations of international law, have made Palestine the moral cause of a generation.


13/10/2016, £18.99
Hezbollah provides a new, grounded analysis of the controversial and misunderstood Lebanese party.

Hope Lies in the Proles

12/03/2018, £16.99
George Orwell was one of the most significant literary figures on the left in the twentieth century.

How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ide

20/03/2019, £14.99
First published in 1971, How to Read Donald Duck shocked readers by revealing how capitalist ideology operates in our most beloved cartoons.
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