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New Borders

20/11/2018, £18.99
To many, a border is a geographical fact. But what happens when a border is subject to an emergency? Today, as millions are forced to migrate due to war, famine and political unrest, it is important to analyse how states use new bordering techniques

On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other

25/04/2017, £20.00
Spanning several decades, Ella Shohat's work has introduced conceptual frameworks that fundamentally challenged conventional understandings of Palestine, Zionism and the Middle East, focusing on the pivotal figure of the Arab-Jew.

Painting the Town Red

12/03/2018, £24.99
The intensely political cultural production that erupted during Hungary's short-lived Soviet Republic of 1919 encompassed music, art, literature, film and theatre.

Palestine's Horizon: Toward a Just Peace

03/03/2017, £14.99
Richard Falk, former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine (2008-2014), has dedicated much of his life to the study of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Popular Protest in Palestine

09/07/2015, £17.99
This is a thoughtful and sensitive analysis of the history and significance of non-violent civil resistance in the Palestinian national movement.

Postcolonial France: Race, Islam, and the Future of the Republic

14/05/2018, £18.99
France is a bellwether for the postcolonial anxieties and populist politics emerging across the world today. This book explores the dynamics and dilemmas of the present moment of crisis and hope in, through an exploration of recent moral panics.

Propaganda Blitz: How the Corporate Medi

20/09/2018, £14.99
Do you trust the liberal media? While the tabloid and right-wing press - the Sun, The Times, the Mail and the Express - are constantly criticised for dangerous bias, outlets like the BBC and the Guardian are trusted by their readers to report in the

Queer Lovers and Hateful Others: Regenerating Violent Times and Places

09/07/2015, £17.99
Berlin is once more capital of queer arts and tourism. Queerness is more visible today than it has been for decades, but at what cost? In Queer Lovers and Hateful Others, Jin Haritaworn argues that queer subjects have become a lovely sight only throu
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