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This delightful, quick-footed book celebrates the English language by exploring the rich treasure house of spelling in all its variety - setting tests and proposing rules, with illuminating quotations and tantalising lists Headrillaz and Misteeq; Nam
Sheep are the thread that runs through the history of the English countryside. Our fortunes were once founded on sheep, and this book tells a story of wool and money and history, of merchants and farmers and shepherds, of English yeomen and how they
The Iron Towns. Once the furnace heart of industrial England, now the valley is home only to fading dreams.
The twelve people in this book (the last five are linked) are: Imhotep, architect and sage, the Leonardo of Ancient Egypt; Heqanakhte, a peasant farmer with problems; Hatshepsut, female Pharaoh, Egypt's Elizabeth I; Horemheb, self-made politician, ge