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Economics: The User's Guide

What is economics? What can - and can't - it explain about the world? Why does it matter? Ha-Joon Chang teaches economics at Cambridge University, and writes a column for the Guardian. The Observer called his book 23 Things They Don't Tell You About

How to see the world

01/01/2015, £8.99
In recent decades, we have witnessed an explosion in the number of visual images we encounter, as our lives have become increasingly saturated with screens. From Google Images to Instagram, video games to installation art, this transformation is conf

Human Planet

01/01/2019, £8.99
What is the Anthropocene? How did humans come to dominate the earth? When did we become a geological superpower?

Social Class in the 21st Century

01/01/2015, £8.99
A fresh take on social class from the experts behind the BBC's 'Great British Class Survey'.

The meaning of science

01/01/2015, £8.99
What is science? Is it uniquely equipped to deliver universal truths? Or is it one of many disciplines - art, literature, religion .

Who governs Britain

The British system has been radically transformed in recent decades, far more than most of us realise. As acclaimed political scientist and best selling author Anthony King shows, this transformation lies at the heart of British politics today.
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