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A Christmas Carol

07/08/2008, £6.99
Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, miserable, bitter old man with no friends. One cold Christmas Eve, three ghosts take him on a scary journey to show him the error of his nasty ways.

A Gift of Love

05/01/2017, £9.99
'[He] inspired a generation ...He changed the course of history' Barack Obama As Martin Luther King, Jr.

A girl called Jack

27/02/2014, £12.99
100 easy and delicious meals on a tight budget with Jack Monroe's A Girl Called Jack. Jack is a cash-strapped single mum living in Southend.

A Half Baked Idea: How grief, love and c

25/07/2019, £14.99
'A tender and beautifully written tour-de-force on love, grief, hope and cake. If this is not the book of the summer, I will eat my wig. An absolute triumph' THE SECRET BARRISTER 'An utterly beautiful, moving, bittersweet book on love and loss.

A History of Judaism

26/10/2017, £30.00
A panoramic history of Judaism from its origins to the presentJudaism is by some distance the oldest of the three Abrahamic religions.

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

07/01/2016, £14.99
500 years ago no-one died of stress: we invented this concept and now we let it rule us.

A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind

02/01/2018, £4.99
Cleanliness is next to enlightenment. In this Japanese bestseller a Buddhist monk explains the traditional meditative techniques that will help cleanse not only your house - but your soul.

Adam Smith: What He Thought, and Why it

05/07/2018, £25.00
'A superb book' Financial Times, Books of the Year Adam Smith is now widely regarded as 'the father of modern economics' and the most influential economist who ever lived.
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