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The Practical Book of Beekeeping

07/11/2017, £10.00
Beekeeping must rate as one of the most interesting and satisfying hobbies. The structure and hierarchy of a beehive and the behaviour of bees is fascinating, and the end product, honey, is a fitting reward for a beekeeper's care.

The Primrose Bakery Book

29/09/2011, £20.00
The Primrose Bakery is a way of life. From croissants for breakfast to layer cakes at tea, it has the whole day covered. And of course their signature buttercream cupcakes are delicious any time of day! With over 80 inspirational and easy-to-follo

The Saffron Tales

01/01/2016, £26.00
'Barberries, fresh herbs, date molasses, dried limes, saffron: Yasmin's persian pantry sataples are a roll call of my favourite ingredients. Her recipes are a showcase of a beautiful country' Yotam Ottolenghi

The Spend Less Handbook

17/10/2008, £5.99
Turn your fortunes around with a year's worth of money-saving, life-improving tips!

The Spirit of Silence: Making Space for

The importance of emptying the mind has been recognised for millennia across a variety of cultures. Meditation is a way of life for millions; at the end of a Hindu's life, he renounces all and becomes a wandering ascetic, seeking union with God; and

The Ulitimate Guide to Green Parenting

01/09/2015, £12.99
This book breaks down the science behind baby and child parenting to inform and empower readers to adjust their lifestyles in practical ways that will reduce the impact their family has on the environment, without being judgemental or dogmatic.

The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping

16/01/2018, £15.99
In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat.

Timeless Simplicity

This is a book about simplicity - not destitution, parsimoniousness or self-denial, but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit. It is a book about the advantages of living a less cluttered, less str

Tracking The Highland Tiger: In Search o

13/06/2019, £16.99
Over the centuries, one by one, Britain's most formidable wild animals have fallen to the thoughtless march of humankind. A war on predators put paid to our lynxes, wolves and bears, each hunted relentlessly until the last of them was killed.
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