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Prayers of Boundless Compassion

Compassion was the center of Jesus' ministry and his mission for his disciples?and for us.
Publisher: SORIN BOOKS
ISBN: 9781932057164
Author Joyce Rupp
Pub Date 29/03/2018
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Bestselling and award-winning author and retreat leader Joyce Rupp gives you the words to develop compassion in yourself as never before and to reenergize your ability to offer loving kindness to those around you. Compassion can change a heart, change a life, change a world. But we have to learn how to be compassionate and Joyce Rupp?codirector of the Servite Center of Compassionate Presence?can guide us. Forty original prayers, blessings, and meditations by Rupp will help us practice themes of compassion: as a way of life, welcoming ourselves, the river of suffering, from hostility to hospitality, a thousand unbreakable links, and compassionate presence. To be used alone or as a helpful companion to Rupp's Boundless Compassion book and program, this collection of prayers will inspire anyone to change the world.