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This book has been written as an introduction to a remarkable man who was both a true Quaker of the Quietist years and a prolific writer.
Right from the start, ‘the people called Quakers’ recorded each other’s ‘dying sayings’. This book tells how, happening upon some of these by accident, a 21st century Friend learned of their speakers’ passion for equality and truth.
Quakers and the First World War provides personal accounts of how various individuals and families – the ancestors of some present-day Leeds Quakers – reacted with conscience and courage in turbulent times.
Centred on the ancient wapentakes of East and West Staincliffe, this study examines some of the factors which resulted in the North Yorkshire Pennines becoming a notable centre of independent, radical religion ...
A collection of poetry, prose, music and art by members and supporters of the Quaker community in and around York. Where does writing come from? Janet Deane Why do I write?
This book is not a history of York between 1914 and 1945 but an examination of the civilian population of the city at the beginning and end of the two word wars.