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In an age of carefully managed public profiles presented via Instagram or BeReal, or even the public presentation of our churches, Paul's stories of hardship in his letters to the Corinthians draw us to a different relationship with ourselves and our
It is long past time for the church to talk seriously about social class.
This is a key resource for reflective practitioners who want to explore subjects such as death, dying, bereavement and funerals from a theological perspective.
Bishop Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels were first issued in 1856 and immediately met with a warm welcome from evangelical Christians of all denominations. In the 20th century the growing popularity of Ryle's spiritual approach has led to th
This book is for people who love music and have a religious faith. It explores ways in which each of these dimensions of life can illuminate and strengthen the other.
Beeson, who was deeply involved in the radical movement of the 1960s, has singled out 100 Christians who made a contribution to this reform and renewal. He has chosen people from a wide spectrum spanning the 20th century, the world and the churches.'
A Spoke in the Wheel is an ideal book to introduce Dietrich Bonhoeffer to new generation of readers. Vividly and concisely written, critical as well as appreciative, and containing material which has not been published in English before, it paints an
This book brings Quaker thought on theological ethics into constructive dialogue with Christian tradition while engaging with key contemporary ethical debates and with wider questions about the public role of church-communities