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This is a book for those thinking about retirement, or already retired. It looks at anxieties and uncertainties, reviewing your life, forgiveness, loss, new possibilities, wisdom, friendships, funerals and obituaries, family and grandchildren.
Many people experience feelings of guilt. This book helps people to understand guilt and differentiate between justified and destructive feelings. It tackles everything from breaking diets to having affairs and is structured by a simple question and
A masterly exposition of Paul's thought by one of his leading contemporary interpreters.
A collection of prayers and poems by Monica Furlong, bringing together the prayers in Women Included and her book God's a Good Man.
In this volume of short reflective pieces, Thomas Merton acts as a conversation partner for the author, Charles Ringma, who draws on Merton's monastic experience in order to help reflect on the motivational centre out of which we all live, work, and
This is an essential resource for all who are called upon to provide spiritual support for those who are dying, and for their loved ones. The book helps readers respond sensitively and effectively to people's needs -- whatever their religious beliefs
This volume which offers an introduction to pastoral counselling, has been fully revised and updated to take account of advances in the theory and practice of pastoral counselling.
A guide to the choices involved in planning a funeral, this book explains the legal and practical issues surrounding a death to ensure that nothing is forgotten. The forms of Christian funeral service that may be used in a church or crematorium are a