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A Sign of the Times: Unlocking Scripture

01/04/2015, £7.99
The King James Bible is a treasure-trove of idioms, clichés and phrases that have entered everyone's vocabulary-and yet few are aware of the Bible as their source.

Faith in the Age of Science: Atheism, Re

01/03/2012, £9.99
"An outstanding book, and a much needed one, presenting a reasoned response to atheism...

Follow Me: Living the Sayings of Jesus

01/07/2017, £7.99
The Bible is full of instructions for how we ought to behave if we want to be a follower of Jesus, but these often seem to belong to a by-gone age, far removed from our busy twenty-first century lives.

From Cosmos to Canaan: The Bible in Vers

01/10/2018, £9.99
Does the Christian Bible seem somehow remote, inaccessible, or difficult to penetrate? This unusual book offers a way in to the Bible which has probably never been attempted before...

God B.C.: God's Grace in the Old Testame

02/06/2018, £9.99
God B.C. is a clear and profound introduction to the spiritual world of the Old Testament, providing a highly readable introduction to the nature of the God whom Jesus called “Father”.

Into the Depths: A Chaplain's Reflection

15/08/2019, £12.99
Pastoral care is central to Christian ministry, and it can take ministers to the edges of human life. Chaplains often work on the edge of institutions, and frequently on the edge of society.

Kingdom Come: Essential Theology for the

15/01/2019, £9.99
This book is essential reading for anyone in, or training for, church leadership: clergy, pastors, students, ordinands, preachers, and teachers.

Leading a Church to Maturity in Love: A

01/03/2019, £12.99
The Chuech as a community is calles to reflect the inclusive love of Christ. Yet, church leaders frequently encounter tensions and conflict, especially when facing change. Building on extensive experience of leading churches at times of change.
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