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Blueprint for Revolution

01/01/2015, £9.99
How do ordinary people become revolutionaries? In 2000, too-cool-to-care Belgrade rock kid Srdja Popovic found himself at the centre of a movement which was about to change the world. Popovic was one of the unexpected leaders of the student movement

Growing older without feeling old

01/01/2015, £14.99
The past century has witnessed a revolution. Less than a hundred years ago, the average Western life expectancy was 40; now it is 80. And there is no end in sight: the first person who will reach 135 has already been born. It's the most radical chan

Our Ageing Brain

01/01/2015, £12.99
An international bestseller delivering good news on brain function and ageing We all worry sometimes that our brains - particularly our memories - just don't work as well as they used to. In this illuminating book, internationally acclaimed Dutch neu

The devil is a black dog

01/01/2015, £9.99
'I don't regret anything, really. I never wanted to live a sensible life ...I didn't want a sensible death either.' War-torn Africa, a Middle East in crisis, and post-Soviet Eastern Europe form the backdrop to the stories told in The Devil Is a Black
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