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Boy Who Bit Picasso

01/08/2010, £9.95
This delightful children's book is a wonderful introduction to Picasso. It tells the true story of Antony Penrose, son of the photographer Lee Miller and the painter and writer Roland Penrose and his childhood friendship with the great artist.

Derek Jarman's Garden

05/06/1995, £16.95
Derek Jarman created his own garden in the flat, bleak expanse of shingle that faces the nuclear power station in Dungeness, Kent.

Green Patriot Posters

17/01/2011, £19.95
Featuring designs by some of the most prominent graphic designers and artists at work in the world today...

Japanese Style at Home: A Room by Room G

01/06/2019, £14.95
Japanese interiors focus primarily on one simple philosophy, Zen.

People Power

23/03/2017, £24.95
Accompanying a major exhibition at the Imperial War Museum London in 2017, People Power is an important and compelling counterpart to the myriad histories of war in the past 100 years.

The Mughal Emperors: and the Islamic Dyn

11/06/2007, £24.95
This is a reign-by-reign record of the sultans, shahs, emperors and khans who all shared the Muslim persianate high civilization that flourished from Iran and Central Asia through Afghanistan to India from the 13th to the 20th centuries.

Weatherland: Writers and Artists Under English Skies

14/09/2015, £24.95
The story of English culture over a thousand years can be told as the story of changing ideas about the weather.
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