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Two vegans in a world of quinoa and kale that refuse to go with the grain.
Publisher: Robert Rose Inc
ISBN: 9780778805816
Author Candice Hutchings
Pub Date 01/10/2017
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Two vegans in a world of quinoa and kale that refuse to go with the grain. Who says you have to give up your insatiable need for comfort food just because you want to eat better for yourself, animals and the planet? The Edgy Veg, the YouTube sensation (188,000 subscribers and counting, not to mention 630,000+ views per month) are on a culinary journey to revolutionise vegan food as we know it. Tired of traditional plant-based diets filled with salads and smoothies that just felt, well, tired, Candice and James set out on a culinary mission to re-purpose familiar favourites, by recreating childhood and adult cravings for people with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions. Every single recipe can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike - they're all approved by James, a former meat- and cheese-loving guy and tirelessly tested on friends and family. These dishes taste fabulous! 'The Edgy Veg' has 100 amazing recipes for whenever you have the need for stick to your ribs/don't even miss the meat, comfort dishes. Those take-out pangs will be banished once and for all as soon as you sample their Perfectly Pleasing Pesto Pizza, In Search of General Tso's Chicken or their Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. And entertaining for even the most hard-core carnivores is a snap - one taste of their Spaghetti and Neat Balls, Bro, Infamous Edgy Veg Fried Chicken or The Mac Daddy and they will be convinced. And if you're looking to quench your thirst or sweet tooth, look no further than Mean Green Ginger Machine, Grade Eh Caesar and their swoon-worthy Death by Chocolate Mousse. So toss out the dairy, milk, eggs and tired tofu and say hello to tasty tacos, perfect pizza and deluxe burgers that you and your tastebuds can feel good about. Get ready to have cake, burgers and fries, and eat it too!