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The Life of the REV. Joseph Wood

Excerpt from The Life of the Rev. Joseph Wood: With Extracts From His Diary
Publisher: Forgotten Books
ISBN: 9781331870838
Author Henry W Williams
Pub Date 27/09/2015
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"My great and glorious Master having seen good to bid me stand aside for the present, I propose, by the aid of the Holy One, to gather a few early recollections, that I might set them up as remembrancers of the amazing mercy, and infinite con descension, and long forbearance, of my Heavenly Father towards the most unworthy of all His children. Having had, since the failure in my health, a paralytic shake in my right hand and arm, and an inability to apply my mind closely to any subject long together without injury, it might seem to be an unpropitious season for commencing such a work: but I should, perhaps, gain nothing by delay, while I might lose all. I will, therefore, endeavour to proceed as far as the Lord shall enable me; and I trust, by His grace, to seek in this, as in every other thing, the glory and praise of His excellent Name."