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A sleepy Hampshire cathedral city, a remote cottage in central Wales and a small town in the forests of east Texas -
On a stormy winter's night on a remote island in the wild North Atlantic, something draws Marie down to the beach, where she finds a small girl, barely alive. Who is she? How did she come to be there?
Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates that everyone should be guaranteed adequate food, housing, healthcare and social security. But this is more than a moral imperative. As Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi argues in this formati
For the first nine years of her life, she was held in modern day slavery. She saw violence, she knew cold and hunger, she experienced the death of those close to her. It was no life for a child.
In this new collection, Ray Salmon has gathered together all of the prayers he has had occasion to write since the early 1980s.
This inspiring collection of articles, published together for the first time, are connected by a single theme: that sharing is the key to solving world problems. Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi-founder of the campaign group Share The World's Resources
This book presents a unique investigation into the meaning of the commons. Unlike academic literature on the subject, Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi-founder of Share The World's Resources-explores what the commons ultimately signifies beyond its material a
We are in the midst of a planetary emergency. Radical and urgent changes are needed to avert catastrophe, but still we are failing to act in accordance with the science. So what is preventing us from rapidly transitioning to clean energy and adopting