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Quakers & Abolition

07/04/2014, £39.00
This collection of fifteen insightful essays examines the complexity and diversity of Quaker antislavery attitudes across three centuries, from 1658 to 1890.

Reshaping Women's History: Voices of Nontraditional Women Historians

25/09/2018, £22.99
Award-winning women scholars from nontraditional backgrounds have often negotiated an academic track that leads through figurative--and sometimes literal--minefields. Their life stories offer inspiration, but also describe heartrending struggles.

The Revolt of the Black Athlete

01/01/2018, £14.99
Incisive yet ultimately hopeful, The Revolt of the Black Athlete is the still-essential study of the conflicts at the interface of sport, race, and society.

Women's Political Activism in Palestine:

19/09/2018, £20.99
During the last twenty years, Palestinian women have practiced creative and often informal everyday forms of political activism. Sophie Richter-Devroe reflects on their struggles to bring about social and political change.
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