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Europe's Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right

27/12/2017, £14.99
It is clear that the right is on the rise, but after Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the spike in popularity of extreme-right parties across Europe, the question on everyone's minds is: how did this happen?

Frames of War: When is Life Grievable?

25/01/2016, £9.99
In this urgent response to violence, racism and increasingly aggressive methods of coercion, Judith Butler explores the media's portrayal of armed conflict, a process integral to how the West prosecutes its wars.

Full Surrogacy Now

07/05/2019, £14.99
The surrogacy industry is worth an estimated 1 billion dollars a year, and many of its surrogates work in terrible conditions, while many gestate babies for no pay at all. Should it be illegal to pay someone to gestate a baby for you?

Hollow Land: Israel's Architecture of Oc

06/06/2017, £14.99
From the tunnels of Gaza to the militarized airspace of the Occupied Territories, Eyal Weizman unravels Israel's mechanisms of control and its transformation of Palestinian towns,...

Homosexuality: Power and Politics

02/10/2018, £12.99
A socialist journal edited by gay men in the 1970s After the leading organizations of radical sexual politics - the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Marxist Group

Hostile Environment: How Immigrants Beco

05/11/2019, £12.99
The UK government proudly calls the aim of its immigration policy to be the creation of a "hostile environment," while refugees drown in the Mediterranean and Britain votes to leave the EU against claims that "swarms"of migrants are entering Britain.

How Did We Get into This Mess?

27/02/2017, £9.99
Leading political and environmental commentator on where we have gone wrong, and what to do about it " Without countervailing voices, naming and challenging power, political freedom withers and dies

How Did We Get into This Mess?

26/02/2016, £16.99
Here are some of the things I try to fight: undemocratic power, corruption, deception of the public, environmental destruction, injustice, inequality and the misallocation of resources, waste, denial, the libertarianism which grants freedom...
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