Who Are We? How Identity Politics Took Over the World

Author: Gary Younge
'Identity is like fire. It can create warmth and comfort, or burn badly and destroy'
ISBN: 9780141029948
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Product description
In his ground-breaking book, Gary Younge argues that we have recoiled into refuges of race or class, religion or national identity to survive in a state seemingly indifferent to our lives. Ranging from his Stevenage childhood to present day America, from the borders of Europe to division in South Africa, Younge explores the issues that bind the powerful elite and the poor immigrant, the fundamentalist and the conservative. In this powerful dissection of modern society Gary Younge challenges us not to succumb to what divides us, but through solidarity to search for a common - and higher - ground. 'With brilliant clarity, Gary Younge carefully guides us through a political minefield' Andrea Levy 'An indispensable guide to 'identity' in politics, and a terrific read' Margaret Atwood 'An absorbing and thoughtful discussion of identity' Financial Times
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