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A Call to Action: Professor Paul Ekins Unveils Blueprint for a Zero-Carbon Future

A Call to Action: Professor Paul Ekins Unveils Blueprint for a Zero-Carbon Future

The event was a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and collective discourse. The ambiance of the Friends House Library, adorned with the scent of intellectual curiosity, welcomed attendees into a space where the urgency of climate action met the practical insights of Professor Ekins' expertise.


As Professor Ekins stood before the audience, introducing his book with a fervour that mirrored the urgency of the climate crisis, the room transformed into a hub of intellectual exploration. The pages of "Stopping Climate Change" came alive as the author navigated through the policies, offering a roadmap toward a future free from the shackles of carbon emissions.


The interactive nature of the event turned what could have been a typical book launch into a dynamic exchange. Attendees posed questions that delved into the intricacies of the proposed policies, prompting discussions that resonated with the shared commitment to address the challenges posed by climate change.


Post-presentation, the atmosphere shifted to our bookshop. Refreshments flowed, providing a backdrop for further conversations and networking. Professor Ekins, ever approachable, engaged with attendees on a personal level, further igniting the spark of motivation to take the lessons learned from the event out into the wider world.


The highlight of the evening, undoubtedly, was the opportunity for attendees to purchase their copies of "Stopping Climate Change" and have them signed by Professor Ekins. Each signed book became a tangible connection to the wisdom shared that night, a symbol of commitment to the cause.


Looking back, the event served as more than just a book launch; it was a call to action, an invitation to collectively strive for a sustainable and zero-carbon future. The echo of Professor Paul Ekins' insights continues to reverberate through the minds of those who attended, inspiring ongoing efforts to turn the book's policies into real-world action.


As we reflect on that memorable evening, we carry forward the torch of environmental enlightenment kindled by Professor Ekins, knowing that the impact of that night extends far beyond the confines of the venue, into the realms of positive change and a greener tomorrow.

2nd of December

As part of a series of events about climate change that took place at Friends House at the end of last year, there was also a Climate Fresk workshop on the 2nd of December in the morning, hosted by London Quakers. This was followed by an Active Hope workshop, based on the work of Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, facilitated by Alison Maitland. The workshop took place in the Quaker Bookshop, with a meeting in the Worship space.

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