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This title features exposed spine showing stitching and enabling book to open completely flat! What's the first thing we touch when we wake up? How do our favourite things reveal our hopes and fears? Can objects tell the story of our lives? Imagine h
Explore the Square Mile and succumb to its charm of ancient history and modernism. Soaring modern glass towers stand side-by-side with medieval churches and the area's Roman and civic heritage still remains very much in evidence.
Dear Reader, One dark and stormy night, I found some strange scattered pages abandoned in a park...I collected and assembled them...
Floribunda features 20 stunningly intricate illustrations of flowers to colour. Printed on high-quality card, each large-scale illustration can be coloured with a variety of media and can easily be removed for framing.
The most important task of the bees, apart from the preparation of honey, wax and propolis, is the healing of the atmosphere! The honey bee, apis mellifera, alone, is able to perform this task. This is its first and foremost purpose.' - Ralf Roessner
It's official, plants are cool. They conjure up exotic places, bring nature indoors and make you feel better. Who wouldn't choose to share a space with them - but where do you start?
Featuring designs by some of the most prominent graphic designers and artists at work in the world today...
Dung beetles that steer by the light of the Milky Way. Ants and bees that navigate using patterns of light invisible to humans. Sea turtles, spiny lobsters and moths that find their way using the Earth's magnetic field.