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Book Launch "And This Shall Be My Dancing Day"

Book Launch "And This Shall Be My Dancing Day"

And this shall be my Dancing Day Book Launch at Quaker Bookshop

We are truly grateful for having the Book Launch "And This Shall Be My Dancing Day" that took place on the 24th of July, within the tranquil embrace at Friends House's Library. This evening was a gentle celebration of Jennifer Kavanagh's latest literary offering, graced by an interview led by Jo Jones from The Friend, and a Q&A session. We extend our profound thanks to all who joined us.

An Evening of Quiet Reverence

The event embodied the Quaker spirit of humble reflection and shared reverence for the written word. Within the serene walls of Quaker Bookshop, souls gathered in the spirit of simple appreciation.

A Tender Interview

Jo Jones, representing The Friend, conducted a tender and contemplative interview with Jennifer Kavanagh. Through her questions and reflections, she gently guided us through the heart of the book, allowing attendees to delve deeper into its themes and inspirations.

A Gathering of Kindred Souls

After the interview, the event blossomed into a shared exploration as questions and insights flowed gently during the Q&A session. Attendees, like kindred souls, engaged with the author, fostering a sense of unity and shared understanding centred on the book's wisdom and its alignment with the enduring Quaker values we cherish.

Deep Gratitude to All

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who graced us with their presence on this peaceful evening. Your attendance reflects the essence of community, simplicity, and intellectual engagement that defines Quaker Bookshop. It is through your shared presence that we continue to flourish as a nurturing space for knowledge and reflection.

As we look ahead, we anticipate the grace of many more opportunities to come together in celebration of literature, culture, and the Quaker principles that guide our journey. Your presence at Quaker Bookshop embodies the timeless values of simplicity, community, and shared wisdom. We extend our humble thanks for being an integral part of our continuing literary journey.

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