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Books of the Month - December

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Apocalypse of the Word is a highly informative and smoothly readable exposition of the message of George Fox,life and historical context.
This resource examines what it means to be not just an activist, but a Quaker activist. How is Friends’ activism balanced by, and grounded in, silence, contemplation, and Friendly approaches?
A beautiful and gripping novel, highlighting the personal and tragic struggles faced during the Vietnam War, bringing the late author and his 'forgotten' manuscript to life.
In the second decade of the twenty-first century, Quakers are increasingly divided over matters of theology, religious belonging, and the status of Friends' Christian past.
Racism is not a simple matter of good people versus bad. In White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo explained how racism is a system into which all white people are socialized.
Sheila Hancock sat down to write a book about a serene and fulfilled old age. This is not that book. In Old Rage, one of Britain's best-loved actors opens up about her tenth decade.
This little book presents a rich variety of textile art panels together with poems that have been inspired by them. The poems and panels describe the rage, despair and hope that poets and panel makers feel about the climate crisis.
So what do you believe?" Its the question Quakers are always asked first and the one they find hardest to answer, because they dont have an official list of beliefs.