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Books of the Month - February

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A practical guide to enjoying every day to its fullest and to making every gesture more self-aware.
In 1850s South Carolina, Rose, an enslaved woman, faced a crisis: the imminent sale of her daughter Ashley. Thinking quickly, she packed a cotton bag with a few items. Soon after, the nine-year-old girl was separated from her mother and sold.
A meticulously chosen collection of stories about love in all its guises. Here is a treasure trove of love stories. O. Henry brings comedy with his tale of a busy broker working too hard to remember that he's actually married his adored young wife.
On 25th May, 2020, George Floyd, an African American, was murdered by a white police officer. Storms of outrage and protests spread globally.
The #1 Sunday Times bestselling non-fiction book of 2021 - over one million copies sold worldwide. Join the self-love revolution with visionary writer Vex King and discover inspirational messages and universal wisdom to help you manifest positive
Housmans Peace Diary – this is the 71st edition. It includes a World Peace Directory listing more than 1400 national and international peace, environmental and human rights organisations from around the world.
Brimming with upbeat guidance, this accessible handbook shows how anyone can use art to enlighten, uplift, calm and ease stress and anxieties.
How to Calm Your Mind offers a toolkit of accessible, science-backed strategies that reveal how the path to a less anxious life, and even greater productivity, runs directly through calm.