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Books of the Month - July

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Facts are stronger then fiction so he kept a diary that he wrote on his train journey home. In the diary, he notes what happened in his shop and in his life. You will find many useful tips and suggestions to enable you to Walk Cheerfully All Ways.
It is said that Britain is a nation of gardeners; the suburban garden, with its roses and privet hedges, is widely admired and copied across the world. But it is little understood how millions across the nation developed an obsession with their colou
Elizabeth Heyrick fought fiercely for the rights of oppressed people. After a disastrous marriage, she became a prolific pamphleteer, a Quaker and one of the most outspoken anti-slavery campaigners of her time
Collecting 15 years of poetry, Post-Atomic Glossaries is Antony Owen's magnum opus, a selection including his Ted Hughes award shortlisted collection, The Nagasaki Elder, alongside selections from every book he has published...
What is Quaker worship? This practice - sitting with others in silence, waiting, listening - why do we do it? What happens in a meeting for worship and what effect does it have? Does it make any difference?
Centred on the ancient wapentakes of East and West Staincliffe, this study examines some of the factors which resulted in the North Yorkshire Pennines becoming a notable centre of independent, radical religion ...
This book is about presence and kindness. Its reflections, prayers and meditations are reminders of God's presence and unconditional loving kindness. They also invite us to be a loving presence in the world.