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Books of the Month - June

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In an island community facing extinction, can hope rise stronger than grief? Sisi de Mathilde lives on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. With the seas rising,the birth rate plummeting and her community under threat, she works as a scientist,...
An area in the South of what is now Cumbria is known as "1652 Country" because this is where George Fox won many followers to his vision of what he saw as the pure and genuine principles of Christianity in their original simplicity.
You don't need any specific interests to read Queerbook - all you need is curiosity and a desire to learn more about what it means to be LGBTQ+.So, say no to the Straightrix and enter the technicolour world over the rainbow . . .Ready? Queer we go
The predators that can hunt, kill and eat us occupy a unique place in the human psyche - and for good reason. Whether it's lions in Africa, tigers in India or sharks in the world's oceans, we are fascinated by - and often terrified of - predators.
Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku made a vow to smile every day and believed he was the 'happiest man on earth'. In his inspirational memoir, he paid tribute to those who were lost by telling his story and sharing his wisdom. 'Eddie looked evil in the
Over the last five years, transgender people have seemed to burst into the public eye: Time declared 2014 a `trans tipping point', while American Vogue named 2015 `the year of trans visibility'.
To survive the climate crisis, we need money, brainpower and infrastructure for the most effective climate solutions. Those resources are currently being squandered by the nuclear weapons industry.