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BOTM - Best of the Year 2023 CYP

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For the Children of the world A friendly your ear...about Quakers and the modern world.
£7.80 £9.75
On August 28, 1963, a quarter of a million activists and demonstrators from every corner of America convened for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
£12.79 £15.99
Caring for the World we Love: A Loving Earth book for kids (of all ages), by Rici Marshall Cross, is slightly larger format than the first three Loving Earth books, 21x21cm.
£4.00 £5.00
From silly stories and jokes to upsets and frustrations, this irresistible picture book is a celebration of the unconditional love between parents and children.
£5.59 £6.99
This special book asks children a simple question: How Can We Be Kind? The answer is: by learning from the animal kingdom!
£6.39 £7.99
Loki's third doodle-packed diary in the number one best-selling series. When Heimdall and Hyrrokkin abandon their "children" to go on holiday, Odin sends Baldur - Thor's half brother and god of making Loki look bad - to babysit.
£6.39 £7.99
Heroism or cowardice? A stunning story of the First World War from a master storyteller 'Full of warmth as well as grief, conveying vividly how precious it is to be alive' Sunday Times
£6.39 £7.99
Join the brilliantly passionate and instantly loveable Rocket as she organises a peaceful protest to save her local library! Bookworm Rocket loves to collect new books on her weekly visit to the library, and to read all about inspirational figures..
£6.39 £7.99