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A faith to call our own

06/01/1999, £8.00
Alex Wildwood's 1999 Swarthmore lecture enquires into the experience at the heart of Quaker faith.

Costing Not Less Than Everything: Sustainability and spirituality in challenging times

01/08/2011, £8.00
Pam Lunn's 2011 Swarthmore lecture explores how our spiritual and social community can help us meet the challenge of climate change.

Documents in advance 2018 - Agenda and notes

Agenda and notes. Part of the Documents in advance for Yearly Meeting to be held at Friends House, London, 4th-7th May 2018.

Documents in advance 2018 - Preparing for Yearly Meeting

Preparing for Yearly Meeting. Part of the Documents in Advance for Yearly Meeting, 4th-7th May 2018, Friends House, London.

Journey into Life

25/05/2013, £6.00
Gerald Hewitson's 2013 Swarthmore Lecture weaves the author's own story of becoming and being a Quaker into the context of the Quaker tradition.

Quaker faith and practice 5th ed LP

01/11/2013, £7.00
Large print edition of Quaker Faith and Practice. 3 volumes, A4 size.

Quaker Voices Subscription

A bimonthly journal which aims to nourish the spiritual lives of Friends. Published by Quaker Life, each edition includes articles, poetry and artwork that share Friends' experiences of being Quaker.
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