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1 JUNE 2024 - Children's Day at Friends House

1 JUNE 2024 - Children's Day at Friends House

Children's Day at Friends House

On International Children's Day, 1st of June, the event at Friends House was really amazing. Hosted by Quaker Bookshop in collaboration with CYP and Quaker Life, the event marked the opening of the new Children's Reading Corner at the bookshop — a colourful, cozy place designed to inspire young readers.

Julia Stacey did a delightful reading, captivating the children with two stories: first, the story of a giraffe that couldn't dance but was determined enough to learn and be happy doing it, and then, a story about inclusion and kindness, which is actually the theme of our reading corner. Afterwards, children were invited to participate in discussions and thoughtful book reviews, writing down their ideas about the stories. It was heartwarming to see the kids so enthusiastic about sharing their insights and opinions.    



Blessed by the day's sunny weather, the outdoor activities were a hit. Children participated in various games that encouraged teamwork and creativity. They laughed, sang, and ran around, having fun while parents joined in too, creating a wonderful sense of community and shared fun.



At the end, there was time for a few minutes of relaxation, lying down on the floor and experiencing peace and recovering the energy spent over the previous hours.

Throughout the event, the Seed Café was open, offering a setting for families to relax and enjoy their treats. Every child received a special snack surprise, adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

Parents and children left with smiles on their faces and with memories to cherish.


A Day to Remember and Repeat

The Children's Reading Corner now stands at the Quaker Bookshop, open to be used by the young minds, and we are planning the next children's day very soon, and you won't want to miss it.


Wait for more information and updates on future events on our social media and website or contact us at .

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