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A Long Way off

10/07/2014, £8.99
In this daily collection of reflections, Jeremy Brooks encourages us to look at what kind of king we are expecting and what kind of kingdom will be coming.

A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity

09/10/2014, £12.99
From Abelard to Zwingli, via a multitude of saints and sinners, Nick Page guides us through the creeds, the councils, the buildings and the background of the Christian church in an illuminating, and perhaps ever so slightly irreverent way.

A Shaking Reality: Daily Reflections for Advent

09/10/2018, £9.99
Inspired by Father Alfred Delp, who wrote a meditation titled The Shaking Reality of Advent while imprisoned by the Nazis during WWII, Bishop Peter B. Price has written a series of reflections and prayers to be read on each day of Advent.

A Short History of Christianity

18/08/2016, £12.99
A vivid, concise and balanced history of the world's largest religion, written for readers of all religious backgrounds.

A Sign of the Times: Unlocking Scripture

01/04/2015, £7.99
The King James Bible is a treasure-trove of idioms, clich├ęs and phrases that have entered everyone's vocabulary-and yet few are aware of the Bible as their source.

A Silent Action

18/04/2013, £10.99
Thomas Merton's life, especially once he had become a writer, was to a great extent one of dialogue with people who were distant, both geographically and historically.

A Time of Wonder: daily reflections and prayers for Advent

We are invited to ponder with childlike trust the beauty and mystery of the incarnation during the holy season of Advent. A gift is bestowed upon us that is much greater than anything available in the marketplace.

A Torch at Midnight: A Study of Ruskin's

01/06/2012, £19.99
The first edition of John Ruskin's The Seven Lamps of Architecture is one of the most extraordinary books ever produced. Confronted with the task of explaining the complex and mysterious nature of medieval art, Ruskin produced a concept volume of
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