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Footnotes in Gaza

03/12/2009, £20.00
Rafah, a town at the southernmost tip of the Gaza Strip, is a squalid place.

From Pacification to Peacebuilding

04/03/2010, £9.00
Does conflict transformation work? Diana Francis reviews developments in the field over the past twenty years.

Getting Somalia Wrong?: Faith, War and Hope in a Shattered State

09/02/2012, £14.99
Somalia is a failed state, representing a threat to itself, its neighbours and the wider world. In recent years, it has become notorious for the piracy off its coast and the rise of Islamic extremism, opening it up as a new 'southern front' in the w

Guantanamo Diary

20/01/2015, £20.00
THE SUNDAY TIMES and NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'A kind of dark masterpiece' THE NEW YORK TIMES 'There has never been a book quite like this' NEW STATESMAN

Here We Stand - Women changing the world

01/01/2014, £10.99
A fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world.

How Wide the Heart

12/01/2007, £12.99
In 2001, Marko and Ana Pogacnik set out on a pilgrimage with a group of people interested in geomancy and looking for ways to achieve lasting peace.

In the Skin of a Jihadist

04/06/2015, £12.99
Twenty year-old "Melodie", a recent convert to Islam, meets the leader of an ISIS brigade on Facebook.

Indefensible: Seven Myths That Sustain the Global Arms Trade

15/02/2017, £9.99
Although there is often opposition to individual wars, most people continue to believe that the arms industry is necessary in some form: to safeguard our security, provide jobs and stimulate the economy. Not only conservatives, but many progressives
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