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01/11/2012, £18.99
'The blessing of an inherently interpretive medium like comics is that it hasn't allowed me to ...make a virtue of dispassion.

May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968

12/02/2018, £12.99
The mass protests that shook France in May 1968 were exciting, dangerous, creative and influential, changing European politics to this day.

Mending broken hearts; rebuilding shattered lives

28/08/2016, £6.00
PRE ORDER ONLY. THIS TITLE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 2016. Mending broken hearts; rebuilding shattered lives Quaker peacebuilding in Eastern Africa. The 2016 Swarthmore Lecture

Nuclear Weapons

01/01/2014, £7.99
Despite not having been used in anger since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic bomb is still the biggest threat that faces us in the 21st century. As Bill Clinton's first secretary of defence, Les Aspin, aptly put it: 'The Cold War is over, the Sovie

Old Soldiers Never Die

01/01/2016, £8.99
Arguably the greatest of all published memoirs of the Great War, Old Soldiers Never Die is Private Frank Richards' classic account of the war ...

On Stalin's Team

30/05/2017, £18.95
Stalin was the unchallenged dictator of the Soviet Union for so long that most historians have dismissed the officials surrounding him as mere yes-men and political window dressing.

Palestinian Israeli Conflict VSI

The conflict between Palestine and Israel is one of the most highly publicized and bitter struggles in history. In this accessible and stimulating Very Short Introduction, Martin Bunton clearly explains the history of the problem, reducing it to its

Popular Protest in Palestine

09/07/2015, £17.99
This is a thoughtful and sensitive analysis of the history and significance of non-violent civil resistance in the Palestinian national movement.
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