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Am I Safe Here? LGBTQ Teens and Bullying in Schools

15/10/2017, £18.99
This book offers a path to creating equitable and inclusive schools, drawing on the spontaneous and timely words of LGBTQ students to show that nothing less than a total culture change is needed.

Ancient Peoples in their Own Words: Anci

24/01/2019, £19.99
Ranging from the Egyptians to the late Roman Empire, Ancient Peoples In Their Own Words celebrates the excitement and importance of historical primary sources in an accessible way that will appeal to general readers.

Atlas of Vanishing Places: The lost worl

03/09/2019, £22.00
Maps offer us a chance to see not just how our world looks today, but how it once looked. But what about the places that are no longer mapped?

British Prime Ministers

28/11/2017, £9.95
British Prime Ministers: From 1721 to Brexit is a walk-through time taking in the major points of every British Prime Minister's tenure dating back from when Robert Walpole took the reins in 1721 through to current day as Theresa May negotiates ...

Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer?

21/12/2018, £8.99
Part of the best-selling Can I Tell You about... series this book raises awareness about children who live with and care for parents or other relatives in the home.

Child Care Today: What we know and what we need to know

Child care is the 21st century's biggest unsolved conundrum: children's needs have not changed, but in a world that puts a premium on paid employment and personal fulfilment, who should, who can, and who wants to meet them?

Child's Play 1 & 2

10/01/1995, £11.99
Child's Play 1 & 2 accompanies Child's Play 3 as a games book for younger children, suitable for nursery, kindergarten, and grammar schools.

Chinese Characters

The elegant pen-strokes and visual harmony of Chinese writing, known as hànzì, have long been admired in the west.
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