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Exhibition Made Visible

Exhibition Made Visible

Made Visible Exhibition at Friends House

We paused to reflect on the inspiring exhibition that graced Friends House in August 2023. This gathering aimed to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds, allowing their work to shine without the constraints of labels. The result was a celebration of hidden talents brought into the light — truly, an event that embodied the Quaker spirit.

An Exhibition of Unity

The "Made Visible Exhibition" served as a testament to the Quaker values of inclusivity and the recognition of the Inner Light within every individual. It was a reminder that creativity knows no boundaries and that art has the power to transcend the labels that often divide us.

Unveiling Hidden Talents

At the heart of this event lay the noble endeavour of making hidden talents visible. Artists, irrespective of their backgrounds, came together in a spirit of humility and unity to share their creations. Through their artwork, they unveiled the beauty that often remains concealed.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our sincere gratitude to all who played a part in making this exhibition a reality. Your presence and support epitomise the essence of community, simplicity, and shared appreciation for the arts. It is through your collective spirit that we continue to nurture an environment where every voice is heard and every talent is recognised.

Reliving the Moments

For those who may have missed the exhibition or wish to revisit its spirit, we invite you to explore the memories captured through the following links:

Exhibition Highlights

Artists' Expressions

A Hopeful Path Forward

As we look to the horizon, we anticipate the grace of many more opportunities to come together in celebration of art, unity, and the Quaker principles that illuminate our path. Your presence and participation at Friends House embody the enduring values of inclusivity, community, and the recognition of hidden talents. We extend our humble thanks for being an integral part of this enriching artistic journey.


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