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Historic places across the country have shaped England and the world beyond. They are hotbeds of invention, industry and creativity and they bring our nation's story to life.
'A powerful, eloquent and deeply affecting book. I loved it' EDMUND DE WAAL 'Tender, evocative and deeply moving' JONATHAN FREEDLAND 'Profound, elegiac and fascinating... I zipped through it' PHILIPPE SANDS 'Compelling' DAILY MAIL, BOOK OF T
World War I was inflicting a terrible toll; by the end of 1915 it was clear that not enough men were volunteering to fight.
Hopeful, irreverent, and deeply moving, Winona LaDuke’s Last Standing Woman chronicles the stories and struggles of an Anishinaabe community across seven generations.
After years of bitter squabbles over who would inherit the family land, they finally decided to divide the territory and go their separate ways. In a moment of staggering significance, one grandson inherited what became France, another Germany and...
Scotland, 1915. A group of teenagers from two families meet for a picnic, but the war across the Channel is soon to tear them away from such youthful pleasures.
Set in Stone delves into the past to uncover a story which is just as relevant today: the desire to forge your own path while constantly having to resist a patriarchal fear of women’s strength.
Tariq Mehmood’s Song of Gulzarina is a highly involving novel which looks at the life of Saleem Khan, who migrates from Pakistan to Bradford in the 1960s full of expectation and ends up contemplating suicide bombing in 21st-century Manchester.