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Justice and Only Justice

09/05/1989, £14.99
This captivating bestseller by a clergyman and leader of the Palestine Christian community examines the problems and prospects for Palestinians, Jews, and Christians in the Middle East.

Leaving Faith Behind

27/03/2018, £12.99
Leaving Faith Behind gives voice to women and men who were born into Muslim families and communities, but who have made the decision to leave Islam or to dissent against some of the most significant aspects of Islamic doctrine.

Letters to a Young Muslim

12/01/2017, £16.99
In a series of personal letters to his sons, Omar Saif Ghobash offers a short and highly readable manifesto that tackles our current global crisis with the training of an experienced diplomat and the personal responsibility of a father.

Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks

20/03/2014, £7.99
'At the age of thirteen, I knew I was destined to marry John Travolta. One day he would arrive on my North London doorstep, fall madly in love with me and ask me to marry him. Then he would convert to Islam and become a devoted Muslim.'

Making Moderate Islam

23/11/2016, £20.99
Drawing on a decade of research into the community that proposed the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque,"

Mawlana Rumi Review

11/12/2017, £16.95
Where is the face of Islam in the panoply of Love? And where the adept who'll reveal its mysteries?

Mecca, from Before Genesis Until Now

19/11/2004, £9.95
In this, one of his last works, Martin Lings discusses the significance of the pilgrimage to Mecca, made annually by several million Muslims, in the light of the tradition of Abraham.


31/12/1991, £18.99
Acclaimed worldwide as the definitive biography of the Prophet Muhammad in the English language, Martin Lings' "Muhammad: His Life Based to the Earliest Sources" is unlike any other.
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