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The Moral Heart of Public Service

21/06/2017, £18.99
Now more than ever, public servants must consider and reassess how to keep moral courage in public life alive. With ethical expectations and needs changing and government policies under increasing moral scrutiny.

The Muslim Question in Europe

29/02/2016, £27.99
An estimated twenty million Muslims now reside in Europe, mostly as a result of large-scale postwar immigration.

The Myth of Meritocracy

16/05/2016, £10.00
The best jobs in Britain today are overwhelmingly done by the children of the wealthy.

The New Odyssey

18/05/2017, £8.99
Europe is facing a wave of migration unmatched since the end of World War II - and no one has reported on this crisis in more depth or breadth than the Guardian's migration correspondent, Patrick Kingsley.

The New Threat: From Islamic Militancy

27/08/2015, £16.99

The path to gay rights: how activism and coming out changed public opinion

01/05/2018, £26.99
The Path to Gay Rights is the first social science analysis of how and why the LGBTQ movement in the US achieved its most unexpected victory---transforming gay people from a despised group into a minority worthy of rights and protections.

The Poor Had No Lawyers

18/08/2015, £14.99
Who owns Scotland? How did they get it? What happened to all the common land in Scotland?

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

01/01/1987, £18.00
A year in the life of a group of painters and decorators in the town of Mugsborough at the turn of the century. Haunted by fears of unemployment, the men struggle to keep their jobs at any cost, but some of them begin to realize that their poverty is

The Revolt of the Black Athlete

01/01/2018, £14.99
Incisive yet ultimately hopeful, The Revolt of the Black Athlete is the still-essential study of the conflicts at the interface of sport, race, and society.

The Rich: From Slaves to Super-Yachts: A

02/10/2014, £25.00
From the Orwell Prize shortlisted author of Freedom for Sale, The Rich is the fascinating history of how economic elites from ancient Egypt to the present day have gained and spent their money.
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