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Age of Anger

26/01/2017, £20.00
'Incisive and scary. a wake-up call' Nick Fraser, Guardian

All at Sea

02/11/2017, £9.99
IOn the small island of Surin, near the naval border of Thailand and Myanmar, an indigenous people known as Moken 'sea gypsies' struggle to maintain the same timeless existence as their ancestors. As real estate developers, oil exploration and i

Alt-Right: From 4chan to the White House

27/03/2018, £12.99
This book is a vital guide to understanding the Alt-Right - the white nationalist, anti-feminist, far-right movement that rose to prominence during Donald Trump's successful election campaign in the United States.

America, Hitler and the UN: How the Alli

14/12/2010, £20.00
On 1 January 1942, Churchill and Roosevelt issued a 'Declaration by United Nations' with 24 other states.

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

01/01/2018, £13.99
The political activist reflects upon the people and incidents that have influenced her life and commitment to global liberation of the oppressed.

Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction

Antisemitism, as hatred of Jews and Judaism, has been a central problem of Western civilization for millennia, and its history continues to invite debate.

Are Racists Crazy? How Prejudice, Racism, and Antisemitism Became Markers of Insanity

04/09/2018, £18.99
An illuminating and riveting history of the discourse on racism, antisemitism, and psychopathology, this book connects past and present claims about race and racism, showing the dangerous implications of this specious line of thought for today.

Assata: An Autobiography

10/07/2014, £8.99
A major contribution to the history of black liberation, destined to take its place alongside The Autobiography of Malcolm X and the works of Maya Angelou.

Austerity, community action, and the future

01/10/2018, £24.99
The politics of austerity has seen governments across Europe cut back on welfare provision. Bringing together scholars and practitioners, this book explores secular and faith-based grassroots social action in Germany and UK

Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare

15/01/2015, £9.99
For the last five years, Britain has been under the hammer of 'Austerity'.
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